Start Here

If you are new to integrating our API and SDK services, please follow these steps to get started.

Get a Demo

Seeing is believing. Therefore, seeing a demo or trying out our services can open a raft of possibilities to understand how our software works and how you can imagine it to be integrated into your own identity verification flow. You can book a free trial or a demo here.

Create Account

Once we have a quick chat with you about your needs, we will create an account for you to login to the dashboard and get started.

Activate Account

Once you have logged into the dashboard, and changed your default password upon first login, you will need to activate the account by filling out a few company and contact details and accepting our standard subscription agreement and privacy policy. If you are a large enterprise with very high volumes and would like a separate contract to be executed, please write to us at [email protected].

Pre Production - Test

Get started by generating pre-prod keys to integrate and test the services. You will be given a certain number of free credits to carry out your testing in pre production. You can also go for a developer license which gives you continued access with further free credits up to three months to complete your integration and testing.

Production - Live

Once you are ready, you can migrate to production by swapping your Pre-prod keys for Production keys and pointing the environment to production. You will also have to choose a Service plan and complete your billing before you can access the production services. If you are a large enterprise with high volumes and would like monthly billing options with a purchase order, please write to us at [email protected].

Get Support

Whatever plan you choose, you will automatically receive new updates bug fixes as long as you have an active account and sufficient credits. You can also get support by writing to [email protected].