Welcome from your friends at frslabs. This will help you understand how our Atlas customer onboarding solution works and how you can integrate our APIs and SDKs into your mobile and web applications.

What is Atlas

Atlas is an all in one customer onboarding platform which allows businesses to collect identity details digitally and verify them instantly. Atlas platform uses advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies to automatically scan documents (OCR), verify such documents against issuing authorities, capture face with liveness checks and match them against identity documents with high accuracy, check for fraudulent applications and allow the customer to eSign the documents to complete the onboarding steps. The platform allows you to custom build a workflow using the following features.

What are its key features

Text Recognition
Text recognition uses advanced deep learning technologies for accurate and fast ID scanning and OCR.
Face Recognition
This service extracts the key features, landmarks and quality aspects of a face image.
Aadhaar Services
Aadhaar services includes Aadhaar Offline verification, Aadhaar Masking as per multiple regulations and Aadhaar eSign.
Video Verification
Assisted (live) video and Unassisted (offline) video options to verify the identity of the user. Comes with flexible options to configure.
Pre-Post Verification
Pre and Post verification allows the customer to complete the product or service verification from a service provider over a recorded video call (unassisted).
ID Verification
Verifies the legitimacy of the government issued identity documents against verified issuing authorities.
Fraud Prevention
Verify the incoming application against known offenders and people in your watch list before the service is initiated.

How can I use the platform

You can use the platform in multiple ways. You can use the mobile SDKs to integrate the features into your native Android and iOS applications or you can simply use the APIs to create your customer verification flow.
You will need to create an account and generate API or SDK keys to use the services.
Once you are ready, click on Start Here to build your own customer onboarding journey. And if there is anything we can do to help, you can always write to [email protected]


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