Welcome. This documentation will help you understand how our Atlas customer onboarding solution works and how you can integrate our APIs and SDKs into your mobile and web applications.

What is Atlas

Atlas is an all in one customer onboarding platform which allows businesses to collect identity details digitally and verify them instantly. Atlas platform uses advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies to automatically scan documents (OCR), verify such documents against issuing authorities, mask documents as per regulations, capture face with liveness checks and match them against identity documents with high accuracy, check for fraudulent applications and allow the customer to eSign the documents to complete the onboarding steps. The platform allows you to custom build a workflow using the following features.

Atlas Key Features

1. Document Recognition

A machine learning service to do a variety of tasks on documents using our advanced AI powered text extraction engine. Available as both API and SDK.

Extract Data (OCR)

Extract data from global ID documents (singled sided and multi-sided). Indian documents supported for OCR are PAN, Aadhaar, Passport, Voter ID, Driving Licence (new chip formats), Registration Certificate (new chip formats), Cheque, GST certificate, e-mandate and Form 16.

Convert Documents

Convert multiple input file formats (e.g. jpg, tiff, pdf, png, bmp, webp etc) to a standard out format (e.g. PDF or JPG).

Compress Documents

Compress your files to save valuable space in your document management systems for more digital documents to occupy the same unit space.

Split Documents

Split PDF/TIFF file into its constituent parts (e.g. Single customer PDF file will split into PAN, Aadhaar, Payslip, Bank Statement, Application, Photograph and so on as separate files).

Classify Document

Minimise upload errors by classifying the documents correctly. For instance, verify that a Passport image has been uploaded by the customer during digital upload.

Crop Signature

Capture static signature from Application form or blank sheet of paper. Removes noise and converts the image to JPG or PNG and provides high resolution and low-resolution images as output. The high-resolution images can be used for signature verification and low resolution for CKYC uploads which needs to be below 15KB in size.


Scan and crop the e-mandate portion of the physical e-mandate form as specified by NPCI (needs our Android or iOS SDK for this). Further, make an API call to the server to validate whether the fields in the form are populated or left empty. Also validate if the key numeric values matches with the extracted (OCR) values in the form (e.g. Account or Policy Number and Amount).

2. Face Recognition

With our face models trained for over 7 years, you can increase compliance when it comes to face liveness and face matching as per prevailing regulations. Furthermore, you can increase productivity and minimize errors by augmenting cumbersome, repetitive manual review tasks with our pre built AI and ML models. Available as both API and SDK.

Capture Face with Liveness

A unique design with clear instructions to capture a KYC compliant face with liveness checks. The image is cropped and compressed to a standard size irrespective of devices or cameras. The consistency in images allows for easy searches and precise and reduced storage costs.

Measure Face Quality

Takes an input image and assesses for multiple input quality parameters including the presence of blur, reflection, sharpness, exposure, orientation (pitch, yaw, roll), eye and mouth positions and returns a quality score.

Compare Face (one to one match)

Takes two input images, detects and crops the face images, extracts the face features from the face landmarks, compares both the images and provides a match score.

Identify Face (one to many match)

Takes the input image, detects and crops the face image, extracts the face features from the face landmarks and compares the image with all the image templates already stored in your database.

Find Face (one to many match)

Takes a reference input image and a set of images to be matched in a single API call. This is useful for de-duplicating incoming application date to ascertain a single master record.

Crop Face

Takes an input image or a video and identifies the face image and crops the image. This is useful for cropping face images from ID cards for face comparison against selfie of video face.

3. Aadhaar Services

Aadhaar is the unique identity document issued to Indian citizens. Aadhaar services includes Aadhaar OCR, Aadhaar Offline verification, Aadhaar image and video masking and Aadhaar eSign.

Aadhaar OCR

Extracts data from multiple Aadhaar card versions issued by UIDAI. Extracts data accurately from both sides of the original Aadhaar image.

Aadhaar Encrypted QR

Extracts data from multiple QR codes (QR encrypted, QR plain, and QR with photo) versions issued by UIDAI. Extracts data accurately from original Aadhaar images.

Aadhaar Offline

Allows the customer to seamlessly verify Aadhaar using our unique in-app flow without redirection to UIDAI website and verify the XML signature and extract data and photograph from the XML file.

Aadhaar Masking

Aadhaar masking refers to redacting the first 8 digits of the Aadhaar Number in the Aadhaar card. The masking caters to short form and full form Aadhaar images and segregates them into multiple output folders.

Aadhaar eSign

Allows for customers to digitally sign documents using Aadhaar and OTP seamlessly. We are an approved ASP and the Aadhaar signed documents are accepted on par with physical signatures in a court of law. Learn more about esign here.


Allows customers to download documents directly from DigiLocker. Note that a DigiLocker account is not mandatory to start the process for your customers as DigiLocker will create a new account if one doesn't already exist (built in as part of the user consent).This is particularly useful for downloading an already verified ID proof such as Aadhaar, PAN, VID, DL etc.

4. Video Verification

Verify customers remotely using assisted and unassisted video KYC flows customised to your exact needs. For instance, you can initiate a check flow that captures POI, POA and photograph with liveness for your end user without writing a line of code.

Video KYC Check (Assisted or Unassisted)

Initiates a check with the exact KYC steps needed to be completed by the customer. For example, you can initiate a check for capturing PAN, Aadhaar, Photo etc as part of the flow. The check flow is available as Unassisted (where the user completes all the steps) or Assisted (where the user is verified over a live video call). View the full documentation here.

Video Customer Declaration (Multilingual) - PIVC

Initiates a secure link to the customer and displays the declaration text in multiple supported Indian languages. The entire PIVC is recorded in the language chosen by the customer. Currently we support 9 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali and Marathi.

Video Liveness Check

Verifies the liveness of the customer through a live video and a one-time password (OTP) spoken and verified in the video. Useful for majority of the current compliance requirements for liveness checks.

Live Video Call

The video verification is completed by the customer with the assistance of a trained agent over a live video call. The pricing refers to initiating the video call (fair usage will apply for each verification call). Note that the checks to be carried out as part of the video verification will be priced individually for what you actually use.

5. ID Verification

Verifies the legitimacy of the details in the ID document presented by the customer for verification. Checks the legitimacy of the document by matching it against the issuing authority.

Bank Verification (Penny Drop)

Verifies the legitimacy of the Bank Account (for all Bank Accounts in India) by dropping INR 1 into the beneficiary’s Bank Account. The verified Bank Account will return the beneficiary’s name.

PAN Verification

Verifies the legitimacy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) against the issuing authority (Income Tax Department of India).

PAN KRA Status Verification

Verifies the registration of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) against the KRA (Know Your Customer Registration Agencies of India).

Business Verification (GST)

Verifies the legitimacy of the Goods and Services Tax Number (GST) against the issuing authority (GSTIN). Verified GSTIN returns the full business details of the GST number.

Voter ID Verification

Verifies the legitimacy of the Voter ID (EPIC – Electors Photo ID Card) against the issuing authority.

Driving Licence Verification

Verifies the legitimacy of the Driving License against the issuing authority (Parivaahan). Verified Driving Licence returns the demographic details and the photo of the driver.

Passport Status Verification

Verifies the Passport status of an Applicant. Note that this is applicable only for Indian passports with a File Number printed on the back page of the passport.

Basic Aadhaar Verification

Verifies the basic validity of Aadhaar. This will not provide the full details of the Aadhaar holder instead will validate if the Aadhaar is still valid with the issuer.

Company Verification

Verifies the Company Name/CIN and returns relevant details like Company Data, Director details and Charges existing on Company/LLP. You will need to enter a valid Company Name 'or' CIN. Applies only for companies registered in India with the Registrar of Companies.

Director Verification

Verifies the DIN (Director Identification Number) and PAN (Permanent Account Number) of the Director and if valid, returns the relevant details with the status. Applies only for companies and Directors registered in India with the Registrar of Companies.

MSME Udyam Verification

Verifies the Udyam Registration number (MSME India) and returns relevant details like Company Name, Unit details and Address of the Company. Applies only for MSMS companies registered in India.

FSSAI Verification

Issued by the food safety standards of India, FSSAI verifies the businesses registered under FSSAI and their current validity. This is particularly helpful if you are onboarding food and beverage suppliers including restaurants. Applies only for companies registered in India.

6. Fraud Prevention

Verifies the details of the incoming customer data against internal and global databases to screen for potential organised fraud.

Data Match (dedupe)

Verifies names and addresses from multiple ID documents and application form to verify the true identity of the customer. We provide a data search tool alongside for faster referral checks when they are flagged as suspicious by the machine at the point of onboarding.

Image Match (image dedupe)

Verifies face images from multiple ID documents and application form to verify the true identity of the customer.

Identity Fraud

Enables rich visualisation and link maps for identifying sophisticated fraud networks. Our award-winning network mapping software builds links using demographic, claims, call records and images. This is available only for enterprise on-premises customers.

Sanctions, Watchlist, PEP and Adverse Media Check

Verifies applicant data against multiple global databases to identify potential fraud. Provided through third parties on request. This is available only for enterprise on-premise customers.

Atlas Support

We provide a stress-free world class support. Our support services include updates, bug fixes and common changes to regulatory norms affecting the standard use of our software. We promptly react to all eventual client feedback regarding potential bugs or optimizations needed to our software. We adopt the highest quality standards and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

If the software runs in your own premises, we will have dedicated support to help you with regular updates, performance optimisation and take part in change reviews for our software with your team.

You will need to create an account and generate API or SDK keys to use the services.

Once you are ready, click on Start Here to build your own customer onboarding journey. And if there is anything we can do to help, you can always write to

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